Urban Art Biz, Season 3 | Episode 1 - Casey Koyczan

Presented in partnership with Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery and Creative Manitoba.

Urban Art Biz- Casey Koyczan
 September 27, 2023
 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST

Register here free: https://creativemanitoba.ca/events/urban-art-biz-casey-koyczan/

Join us for Season 3 of Urban Art Biz, Episode 1 with our very special guest Casey Koyczan.

Wednesday Sept 27, 2023 from 12pm – 1pm CST 

In May of 2021, we launched the first season of Urban Art Biz. Our first episode was titled From Grad School to Gallery with Artist Casey Koyczan discussing his journey as a recent masters graduate of fine arts to his MFA exhibit.

As we launch season 3 of Urban Art Biz, we welcome Casey Koyczan back to talk about his incredible career trajectory over the past few years and discuss what it takes to sustain himself financially, spiritually, and creatively as a full-time working artist. We will also learn how the pandemic impacted Casey’s work, and what pivots were necessary for him to continue to take his space on the world stage.

Casey has become a much sought after Artist and Instructor, expanding his mixed-medium installation work to include 3D/AR/VR, 360 video and analog / electronic soundscapes.

His strength of vision and inspiration is drawn from his Dene ancestry, nature, technology, and sci-fi; expanding through sharing his knowledge and inspiring emerging artists.


The workshop is offered Free. Please register online by 10:30 am CST Sept 27, 2023, the morning of the event, and a zoom link will be sent to your email address by 11AM ! If you feel that you haven’t received the zoom link, please check your junk mail folder.


UAB is a series of online workshops focusing on the business side of art from an Indigenous perspective, presented in partnership with Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery and Creative Manitoba.

Casey Koyczan – Artist Biography

“To create with unrestricted freedom. To make the unrealistic a reality. To imagine environments unbound by the laws of physics. To imagine our people and stories in the future.”

Casey Koyczan is a Dene interdisciplinary artist from Yellowknife, NT, that uses various mediums to communicate how culture and technology can grow together in order for us to develop a better understanding of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. He creates with whatever tools necessary to bring an idea to fruition; specializing in sculpture, installation, 3D/VR/AR/360, video, and audio works such as music, soundscapes and film scores.

He is an international artist that has participated in many residencies, exhibits, festivals and collaborations in parts of the world such as Finland, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, The Netherlands, The USA, and the UK. He is also a musician, producer, filmmaker, actor/narrator, and advocate for future generations of artists and musicians.

He has a Multimedia Production diploma from Lethbridge College, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Thompson Rivers University, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba.

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