Sharon Hall - Gagii izhii wabadamaan: Bimadiziiwin / Retrospective: Life

Sharon Hall

Gagii izhii wabadamaan: Bimadiziiwin / Retrospective: Life

September 1 – October 14, 2023

Opening reception: Friday, September 1 from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Pipe Ceremony at 6 pm by Evert Linklater (Pipe Carrier).

Opening Blessing and talk at 7 pm by Alpheus Brass (Elder).



Sharon Hall, White Wolf Woman (Anishinaabe, Pinaymootang First Nation, MB).

Sharon Hall was born in Ashern, Manitoba and raised by her grandparents on the Pinaymootang First Nations in the Interlake Region of Manitoba.

Hall paints images that reflect “the way of life”, the generations and the teachings from the ancestors. She employs techniques and media as varied as finger painting, collage, printmaking and drawing to create work that explores and reveals the true inner being, symbols, family, nature and the spirit world.

Special thanks to my Children, Abby, Anthony, Elysia; grandchildren and great grandchildren and All My Relations.


Artist Statement

A reflection in understanding and revealing what is making known. The Teachings and honesty in reflecting the truth. Beauty is knowing that the ugly is not real, the beautiful overpowers the negative. Healing is growth and is not negative, it’s assisting the true inner self and finding a life balance.

Gratitude for support of this exhibition from the Pinaymootang First Nation, and Gordon’s Groceries Ltd.

Urban Shaman: Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery onanaakomaawaa’ gii-wiiji’igowaad, ningowaki aazha, gaa-wiijiiwaaganiyaang, ezhi-daayaang, enawemangwaa gaye, NCI FM, Wawanesa Insurance, Winnipeg Foundation, Manitoba Heritage, the Government of Canada, the Winnipeg Arts Council, the Manitoba Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts ~ Miigwetch/ Pidamaya-ye(-do)/ Marsi/ Ekosi / Maarsii/ Miikwehc/ Nakurmiik/Thank you

Full writing of Sharon’s Bio and Statement can be read in Ojibwe and English at #mbindigenouslanguages


Artist image: "Despair" 1992, Silk Screen. Courtesy of Sharon Hall.

ID: silkscreen image, in grey tones and yellow highlight accents, of man sitting in a church pew solemnly. In the background of man, as if a distant memory, a pair of tipis and horses. Over top of the image a splattering of grey and green paint and to the right, three lines in yellow, red and black.