Mieke Ruth Van Ineveld

  • Of remembrance and struggle

    Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), observed on Nov. 20 each year at the University of Winnipeg and in hundreds of cities around the world, is an event whose purpose defies a universal definition.

  • Streeter

    Question 1: What’s the best & worst part of being back at school? // Question 2: What advice do you have for students who are feeling overwhelmed?

  • Bylaw changes ease parking woes around U of W

     A breakdown of how the new parking law affects students

  • No More Business as Usual

    To address climate change, we have to change the narrative 

  • An ode to love

    Library Voices tours with its latest album

  • A new look at our city

    Photographer explores Winnipeg on his blog

  • Deep Dark Cave

    Indie rockers working on the live show and aiming Higher

  • Heave Steve

    Vote-deciding issues have come before the country’s future

  • Winnipeg Is: Embracing the Trimbee era

    Dr. Annette Trimbee, U of W graduate and former Alberta Deputy Minister of Advanced Education, is now well in to her first year as U of W’s President and Vice-Chancellor. Many exciting things have happened under her watch including the recent $825,000 grant to develop the Graduate Studies program. Dr. Trimbee joined us over the phone to reflect on her year, current issues on campus and the future of the U of W.

  • UWSA election season off to slow start

    In less than two weeks hundreds of University of Winnipeg students will take to the polls to elect the 2015-16 board of directors for the U of W Students’ Association (UWSA).

  • Youth voice strong in leadership campaign

    With the NDP’s long-awaited and controversial leadership convention beginning on Mar. 6, candidates Steve Ashton, Greg Selinger and Theresa Oswald are busy making final attempts to garner support and strengthen their chance of emerging from Canad Inns Polo Park on Mar. 8 as the NDP leader of Manitoba.

  • The fight for space

    Winnipeg is facing a shortage of affordable housing options. At least that’s what Winnipeg’s mayoral candidates are saying. Four of the seven candidates have pledged to increase the number of affordable housing units in the city if elected to office.