What do you think of the Juno awards being hosted by Winnipeg this year?

  • Kaylene Wark, 4th year, Kinesiology

    I’m looking forward [to attending the show]. I’m looking forward to seeing if Justin Bieber will be there...They’ve done a very good job of advertising it this year.

  • Amy Sahai, 2nd year, Biochemistry

    I believe that Russell Peters should host it again because he’s hilarious.

  • Chelsea Caldwell, 4th year, Human RIghts and Global Studies

    It allows for certain issues to be brought to the forefront, such as the Panzi Hospital event on March 27th. If it wasn’t for Jim Cuddy being in town for the Junos, then perhaps he wouldn’t be a part of the concert, which actually brings attention to the issue of women’s reproductive rights. 

Published in Volume 68, Number 24 of The Uniter (March 19, 2014)

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