What do you think about the closing of Mondragon after 20 years in business?

  • Justin Mezibroski, 3rd year, Biochemistry

    A lot of small businesses in the city, especially a lot of these more, I guess, fringe businesses that don’t reach a huge market, they’re struggling to make ends meet.

  • Stephen Kurz, 3rd year, Environmental Studies

    I think it was a long time coming...The service got worse over time, and now that’s sort of a product of their declining business.

  • Bilan Arte, Chairperson, CFS Manitoba

    I think that the Mondragon has served as a really awesome community organizing space, and a really good space for folks to be able to organize both locally and collectively for things like food and the provision of books.

  • Jory Strachan, 2nd year, Theatre and Film

    Mondragon was the most unique restaurant in the country, hands down. The A Zone is the only building of its kind in North America-there’s not an autonomous zone in the United States, even. And, they had great food!

Published in Volume 68, Number 18 of The Uniter (January 29, 2014)

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