What do you like most or least Winnipeg?

  • Devin Wehrle, U of W student

    The whole transit system is really terrible in this city. And just roads in general are really bad. It’s really hard to get around here.

  • Flora Ominga, U of W student

    The thing I like least are the winters. Coming from a tropical country, it’s been very hard adjusting to it. Even though I’ve been here for five years, it’s been pretty hard.

  • Devin Latimer, musician (Nathan) and promoter

    My favourite part of Winnipeg is Birds Hill Park. Is that considered part of Winnipeg? It’s an example of the great outlying areas we have around here.

  • Luther Sousa, U of W student

    My favourite thing about Winnipeg is that it’s a beautiful city. The downside is that there are no opportunities for employment for graduates from the faculty of arts.

  • Ruth-Anne Seburn, U of W student

    My favourite thing about Winnipeg is that it’s cheap. It’s very cheap to live here.

  • Colin McDougall, bartender, Stereo Nightclub

    My favourite thing about Winnipeg is that all my family and friends live here. One of the other things would be that we’re really close to cabin country. We can go camping and fishing and all that within an hour from here, and that’s fantastic.

Published in Volume 65, Number 25 of The Uniter (March 31, 2011)

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