Visions of Winnipeg

This week’s feature story fits neatly into the somewhat nebulous goal we’re always striving for here at The Uniter - which is to tell stories about this city, of those who love it and who are working to make it better.

Of those infamous five Ws, the who and the what of Winnipeg often intermingle, and in this feature piece, there’s a little more space to explore the nuances of this place.

New visions for the city trail through this issue. In this week’s Critipeg, Sarah Jo Kirsch reviews a collection of truly supernatural conceptions of this city. Davis Plett profiles two events that offer necessary supplements to programming on a night designed to get Winnipeggers out into the city. Nuit Noire highlights the need for more art events planned by and for Black audiences. And Nuit Raunch brings what is often a personal experience into a slightly more public space with feminist porn screenings.

Stories of locals working to improve Winnipeg for all citizens truly shine in the city section. This week, Alexandra Neufeldt talks to organizers who are rallying for better conversations around mental illness and Manitobans living with disabilities.

On campus, Ryan Haughey has collected some advice for students who want to be writers. And even closer to home, for some, is the question of how changing cannabis legislation will affect those living on campus.

As you flip through these pages (or click and scroll, per your personal preference!), I hope you enjoy meeting some people of Winnipeg and getting to know the various corners of the city they’re working to improve.

—Anastasia Chipelski

Published in Volume 73, Number 4 of The Uniter (September 27, 2018)

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