Sometimes a Song is Just a Cigar

There are many different ways to create a song. Countless artists have decided to play it safe and write in basic forms or styles, running the risk of sounding the same. Winnipeg band, Trampoline, does not have this problem. On their first EP titled, Sometimes a Song is Just a Cigar, the four piece, self-proclaimed ‘anti-rock band,’ creates a hodge podge of cool melodies, exciting guitar licks and fun background noises. These complement the witty and intelligent lyrics that play on everyday thoughts and phrases. There are many times when you’ll think lead singer, and lyricist, Michelle Lenick, is speaking directly to you. On first listen Lenick’s raw voice will catch you off guard, but give it a few seconds and you will be thoroughly enjoying the unique tone. Musically, Trampoline combines many different melodic ideas and sounds adding harmonic layers to each recording. Their experiments with fun tones and crazy background voices sound like something Frank Zappa would put on one of his albums. Once you are finished listening to this EP of four songs you will probably want to listen to it again. A set of definite head bobbing tracks that you will never grow tired of. 

- Alex Roberecki

Published in Volume 70, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 3, 2016)

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