They Say

Local rock heroes They Say deliver the goods on this supergroup’s debut EP. Front man Jonathan Broeska used to lead The Nods and he lets his soaring rock vocals be radio ready right here. Opening track Hot Shot melds 16 different genres into one hooky festival of non-stop rock. The bouncy Sex (We Can Both Enjoy) is a naughty little affair, while Jetison is as close to a love song as these dudes get. It’s got a hint of ‘90s nostalgia on it, like something your older sibling might have taped off late night radio but forgot to write down the name of the artist. A little too Incubus-y for my taste, but the band makes up for it on the prog-meets-something closer Still. The eight-ish minutes of guitar wankery and piano noodling help this record have a little more diversity on one track than the previous five can muster.

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