These Old Fangs

The Demo

The ability to transcend many different musical styles while maintaining a common sound is very difficult for a band to do. Local rock band, These Old Fangs, manages to do this on their first EP simply titled “The Demo.” This demo was released in January as a collection of four fast paced songs that showcase the band’s unique sound and ability to seamlessly mix folk, reggae, blues and modern rock. An early sixties bluegrass feel is present through the first track, while reggae style vocals over hard rock guitars take dominance through the rest of the EP. This is a great first taste of a Winnipeg band with potential. You will enjoy this if you like Sublime, Wide Mouth Mason, or Sloan. The Demo is available on These Old Fang’s Band Camp site. 

- Alex Roberecki

Published in Volume 70, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 3, 2016)

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