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The first week of University hosts some hallmark memories of our lives. It marks that transition from being a high school student to one who is now in the “real world”. We owe some of our most vivid memories of this significant time to Orientation Week, aka “O-Week”.

O-week is information meets fun. It usually begins with a breakfast, followed by student information sessions, and a campus tour. The UWSA (University of Winnipeg Students Association) delivers beer gardens, food trucks, activities, and music, trying to keep the focus on the local talent. “This year we were lucky enough to have worked closely with the Aboriginal student council to bring A Tribe Called Red as a headlining act,” says Nawal Tajdin, Vice President of Student Services. UWSA  likes to give the event a “folk-festival/block-party vibe”.

A reminder to students is that you can have your say in what goes on. “We’re always open to students coming and giving us their ideas,” Tadjin says of the planning that starts at the beginning of summer. 

On this writer’s first day of University, I remember standing with my friend by the beer gardens, people-watching and eating a slice of pizza. There were so many different people everywhere, including a man in yoga pants and no shoes, who was leaning against the hedge. This definitely was not high school - this was freedom, where one could explore their identity (with or without shoes). It can be an overwhelming week, and though exciting, everyone is definitely nervous. O-Week is there to help you ease your way into university life.

Voters, I can see why you have a fond affinity with O-Week. It’s kind of like a mom (but a really cool mom, like Lorelai Gilmore) helping us to take baby steps into university life. So, we say thanks O-Week.

Part of the series: The Uniter 30

Published in Volume 68, Number 14 of The Uniter (December 4, 2013)

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