The PROFile - Andrew Park

Associate Professor of Biology

Associate Professor of Biology Andrew Park is someone who engages with the world around him. In addition to teaching and researching forest ecology and other environment-focused subjects at the U of W, he is the environment critic for the Green Party of Canada and Green Party candidate for Winnipeg South-Centre.  

Park moved to Canada from England to escape “Maggie” Thatcher after completing his first undergraduate degree in fine arts. After crossing the pond, he bounced between provinces studying ecology in B.C., Ontario, and Quebec then finally settling in Winnipeg with his wife 10 years ago.

His “eclectic” musical taste includes Finnish composer Sibelius as well as British band New Model Army and Canada’s Bruce Cockburn. Dr. Park enjoys cross-country skiing, ocean kayaking, canoeing and photography. 

In 2013, Park photographed the many murals in Winnipeg and sent them out instead of Christmas cards.

Currently on sabbatical until next term, Dr. Park is taking six months to defend several of his graduate students and conduct research in how forests are going to adapt to climate change.

• • • •

AGE: “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

AREA OF RESEARCH: Forest Ecology



IQ: “It depends on the day. According to a couple of quizzes it is either 128 or 132.”


SUPERPOWER: Omnipotence “Because that covers all the super-powers.” 

BATTING AVERAGE: “Which end of the bat am I supposed to hold?”

Published in Volume 69, Number 10 of The Uniter (November 5, 2014)

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