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It might be labelled as “Winnipeg’s Worst Podcast,” but there still seems to be a few of you that enjoy the 27 episodes of Couch Surfin’ that have been uploaded so far.

Each one is co-hosted by 20-something friends Devin Bray and Terrance Williams, who started the podcast in April 2013 under the name Single in Winnipeg.

“Basically the podcast started because I had just come out of a relationship and Terrance was kind of chronically single,” Bray says. “We were already having those conversations as a form of therapy, I guess you could say, and being big fans of the medium we decided to start our own podcast and start broadcasting it.”

Single in Winnipeg lasted for 15 episodes before switching to the name Couch Surfin’ near the end of August.

“We just got kind of sick of talking about girls and sex and our lack of dates,” he says. “We’re firm believers in the art of conversation so more recently we’ve been trying to have other people on the show. They’re usually artists or musicians trying to promote something so we just talk about what they’re working on and anything else really.”

So far the guys have interviewed everyone from the Main Street Tattoo Collective to the Uniter’s Managing Editor Nicholas Friesen, and they plan on uploading more episodes in the coming weeks.

“Everyone has their own strengths and we’ve been interested in what everyone has had to say, but Milos Mitrovic [singer from local pop-rock group Latka] might have been the most fun because we have a good rapport of knowing when to bullshit and knowing when to talk,” Bray says. “We try to upload a new episode every week, but things come up and sometimes we have to push it back a bit.”

Part of the series: The Uniter 30

Published in Volume 68, Number 14 of The Uniter (December 4, 2013)

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