Talkin’ ‘bout together now

Collaboration is key. It’s true that many cultures are full of stories of one lone hero achieving a life-changing goal all by themselves. But real, positive change occurs when people make a concerted effort to work together and be kind to one another.

The pages of this week’s issue of The Uniter are chock full of stories of collective accomplishment and healing. Whether it’s emerging student writers working together to produce a literary journal or concerned Manitobans marching to raise HIV awareness, these stories focus on the importance of
the group effort.

Even the art show When Raven Became Spider, which reimagines traditional Indigenous characters in the singularly powerful form of the superhero, features work by seven different artists. In our review of James Gray’s newest film Ad Astra, we explore the movie’s insights on the toxic myth of the stoic, solitary man. And the Wesmen volleyball teams show us once again the power of … well … teamwork.

We at The Uniter are proud to welcome a new member to our own team this issue, which features the first piece by columnist Kathryn Boschmann. Her column City Roots will explore the history of Winnipeg’s trees and illustrate what our city’s silent sentinels can tell us about colonization, class and beauty.

- Thomas Pashko

Published in Volume 74, Number 4 of The Uniter (September 26, 2019)

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