“What do you do to fend off the midwinter blues?”

  • Megan Marques, 22, Studying: International Development

    “I play outside, in the sun, when it’s sunny. I like to walk outside with my friends at Fort Whyte.”

  • Bronwyn Turnbull, 22, Studying: Psychology

    “Try and find activities that you can do in winter, so there’s a lot of watching movies and knitting. When it’s warmer like this I try to get outside and enjoy winter...when it’s -20 like it’s supposed to be this weekend, I just stay inside.”

  • Alex Nguyen, 18, Studying: CreComm and Film

    “Just watch Friends under a blanket and hang out with friends.”

  • Thomas Hanan, 19, Studying: Film

    “Stay busy. Work, and hanging out with people.”

  • Olena Maksymyak, 22, Studying: Psychology

    “I like checking out new coffee shops, where you can get hot drinks. Then you still feel like there’s something new happening in your life. Also festivals, I like winter festivals.”

Published in Volume 70, Number 14 of The Uniter (January 7, 2016)

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