“What’s your favourite place to grab a bite to eat that’s close to campus?”

  • James Nellis, Age 22, Studying: History

    “The sit fry place in this cafeteria (Pangea’s Kitchen in Riddell Hall). I love the stir fry.”

  • Amos Kunta, Age 26 , Studying: Business and nutrition and economy

    “The library (The Malecon). I haven’t been there much but I like it.”

  • Thomas Degurse, Age 21, Studying: Business

    “Usually Tim Horton’s. Usually a bagel, I guess coffee, but when I end up getting food, then I get a bagel."

  • Jill Snider, Age 21 , Studying: General Arts, no major yet

    “Stella’s. I like their roast chicken sandwich.”

  • Graham Calder, Age 20, Studying: English

    “Junior’s – the fat boys.”

  • Simran Joura, Age 19, Studying: Conflict resolution and psychology and philosophy

    “Falafal Place, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, i still can’t. I got the Canadian Falafal, 8 falafal balls, hummus tahini, salad and sweet potatoes – a lot of sweet is pretty close.”

Published in Volume 70, Number 17 of The Uniter (January 28, 2016)

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