Rumour has it that a UFO crashed outside of Jackhead Reserve on Lake Winnipeg. Do you believe in aliens?

  • Andrea Sauve , Sociology major

    “Yes .. Do I believe in those particular bunches of aliens that might have hypothetically crashed outside of (Jackhead)? No, not those ones. Other ones.”

  • Alissa Maier, Business major


  • Ashali Wanigasekara, Microbiology major

    “No, I don’t, I just don’t.”

  • Christine Izera, No major

    “No I don’t, I just don’t think it’s real, it’s just something that’s out there. They don’t have proof for it.”

  • Anna Binder, Undeclared major

    “I believe in aliens but I don’t think they’re here.”

Published in Volume 69, Number 22 of The Uniter (February 25, 2015)

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