Smells Like Wet Dog

Solhounds’s fantastically groovy, funky, punky, possibly drug-infused psychedelic sound falls somewhere between the feel of bands such as Sublime, and Foxygen. Their debut EP, Smells Like Wet Dog, shows incredible potential as each track delivers a unique tone and feel.

Their influences proudly worn on their sleeve, they keep the tracks diverse, opening with “Mystical Ritual,” a trippy, trance-inducing instrumental jam. Other songs such as “Rubber On,” and “Party Gurl” maintain the funk, but also pepper a sly, cynical layer of humour on top. “Tempting Temptation” feels like a raw throw-back, reminiscent of The Hives’s best work.

The work of Solhounds’s vocalist Sean Clements is equally distinct, evoking a Long Beach-esque style, not necessarily home to our frozen Manitoba landscape. Backed-up by his brother Ian Clements, Ray Rockwell and Morgan Davis, the group feels tight and honed to near-perfection. There’s not much nitpicking to be done here.

The album’s highlights are unquestionably “Mortar,” “Brick & Stone,” and “Fall Away,” two songs that couldn’t feel more different. One’s a downbeat, halting almost-ballad and the other a contemporary garage rock track, complete with a surreal, driving climax. The overall EP is refreshingly re-listenable, each spin leaving you wanting more.

Only six songs?! Aw man!

Published in Volume 69, Number 24 of The Uniter (March 11, 2015)

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