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The Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show has fashions for every fetish

After a long grueling winter, Winnipeggers are looking to let off some steam. What better way to get your blood pumping than a weekend full of naughty toys, adult film stars and sexy fashion? The 2014 Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show goes down March 21 to 23 at the RBC Convention Centre. Here’s a sampling of some of the fashion-related companies that will be setting up booths for the event:

Body Mods

Based out of Vancouver, Body Mods has been touring with the Taboo Sex Show for 13 years. “There was a solid reason for it. The show is always fun and good for business,” says Nathan Arnold, a partner in the piercing/accessory company. 

Arnold says the company has gained momentum as body modification becomes more mainstream.

“The industry has changed several times over. It used to be quite taboo itself, but now people expect to see it and come to us specifically,” he says.

Because the Winnipeg show is still relatively small compared to other cities, the Body Mods booth will be strictly retail, featuring piercings and implants as well as some accessories adorned with tattoo style art by Vancouver artists.

Felix & Kitty Creative


Felix & Kitty specialize in Victorian-inspired formal or party wear, which is all handmade. Those who are interested in buying an authentic corset should take note that they cater to all body types, unlike mass-produced items from larger companies.

The ideal customer for Felix & Kitty would be one that appreciates quality, and is willing to spend on it. 

“We deal best with people who want investment pieces, proper construction, and luxurious materials and get that this is actually more economical in the long run.” Felix says.

DragonWing Fashions


Local chainmaille (armour) manufacturers Tim Hoover and Scott Gilroyed can be seen at events all over Manitoba selling their unique jewelry. Their booth will feature a variety of designs that may be unexpected for those who associate chainmaille with medieval armour. 

“In our booth we will be showcasing our skill in creating unique items out of chainmaille. We will be displaying our bikini tops, dresses, halter tops and chainmaille shirts, made with aluminum and rubber rings.” Hoover says. “We also have cuffs and chokers which should be a hit with the BDSM crowd.”

Have a specific design in mind? Hoover says he does special orders, stressing that the only limit is your imagination.

Other local companies that can be found at Taboo include downtown beauty spot Salon One Eleven, whose stylists will be creating pin up looks for models and guests at Taboo, and Osborne Village adult boutique Smitten, which will be selling a variety of fun products.

Published in Volume 68, Number 23 of The Uniter (March 12, 2014)

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