I’ve listened to Rebel Yell here and there – the local hip-hop duo is catchy and fun to listen to. Can’t say I’ve caught a live show yet, though. So, if you’re like me, consider this free download of the band’s EP release party last spring an initiation of sorts. Everything to know and love about Rebel Yell is there – from the tongue-twisting, fast-talking raps of Critical Jim and El Te Gringo, to the so-slick Spanish-guitar riff anchoring Dayoh!. The only thing this impromptu “live album” lacks is quality. It’s hard to tell if we’re getting a recording through the soundboard, or if the band simply set up a recorder at the back of the Lo Pub. But for all that, I must say that it’s intimate, and even though I’m lying in bed with the lights off writing this, it feels like I’m on the floor of the Lo, tapping my feet and rapping along. Download the album at

Published in Volume 65, Number 16 of The Uniter (January 20, 2011)

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