Re: “Absurd rape ruling demonstrates how far we have yet to go” (March 3, page 9)

In response to Absurd rape ruling demonstrates how far we have yet to go, published March, 3, 2011.

In response to this article, there are several clarifications that should be made.

With regards to the circumstances surrounding a violent incident, provocation and intoxication can be used as partial defenses.

Imagine the difference if a victim was found murdered in a school or a crack house? What was the victim’s blood alcohol level?

It does not change the fact that the victim has been victimized, but it does paint a more elaborate picture of the event.

Sexual assault is deplorable in all its forms and should never be tolerated. That being said, spirited feminism should not replace rational thinking and proper process when dealing with this issue.

Nobody wants their sister, mother or friend to be victimized, but when an issue like this arises, it is almost always consumed by feminist media.

This is not a “women’s problem,” this is a community problem, and the knee-jerk reaction to vilify men is all too common. It has become all too easy just to say, “Men don’t understand.”

Lastly, I leave you with a hypothetical situation that might shed more light on the judge’s comments:

Let’s assume I drive to school for my night class, and I park my car on Spence Street. I choose to leave my laptop in plain sight on my passenger seat and head to class. Returning to my car, I find my window broken and my computer stolen.

I have been victimized, but due in part to my disregard for the environment in which I left my belongings. I have no doubt that in some small way, you would say that I contributed to my victimization.

The goal is not to blame the victim. The goal is to become more personally accountable for our actions.

Matthew Roucek
B.A. Criminal Justice
current Business & Administration student

– Matthew Roucek

Published in Volume 65, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 10, 2011)

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