Not our issue

We’re not being passive-aggressive here – just honest. For this issue, The Uniter 30, you’re in the editorial hotseat. Perhaps you didn’t realize that’s what you signed up for when you sent in your votes, but these are your picks filling the paper. 

They’re your choices and your friends and probably some frenemies too (we can’t tell you for sure - voting is secret.) And if you didn’t vote, well, here’s a taste of the kind of power you could wield with your ballot next year.

Even though we’re not editing in the conventional sense, this issue has been a blast to work on. We were holding our breath tallying many of the votes, with some incumbents, some upsets, and a whole lot of new faces.

And you, dear reader-voters, some of you really left your marks on your ballots in one way or another. We see you, voter who inserted “fuckin’” into the middle of each answer. You made us laugh. 

We giggled a little bit at the first few entries that were just about genitalia, but that joke wore thin long before its 29th repetition. Still, you must really love...that. That’s cool, you do you. But it didn’t win anything.

Some categories revealed more gems than we could possibly cover, especially the Favourite Young Achiever Under 30. The number of entries in that category is a testament to how many passionate people live in this city, and how many of you want them to be recognized. 

You showed the opposite of so-called youth voter apathy in the Favourite Political Moment category, which was full of creative and highly emphatic descriptions of victories and departures. 

And you definitely showed us all the ways you love to have fun in your favourite winter activities, your favourite venues and places to eat, your favourite performers and creators across many genres.

So without further ado, here’s The Uniter 30. It’s all yours.

- Anastasia Chipelsk

Published in Volume 70, Number 13 of The Uniter (December 3, 2015)

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