New year, new U

What can you expect from this year’s Uniter?

If you’ve spent any time around the U of W campus in the past few weeks, you may have noticed all of the prep work, the energy, the excitement and perhaps even the dread as September approached. At the Uniter, we’ve been busy getting ready for the start of this publication year, which (for us) is probably a bigger event than the turning of the calendar in January.

This year, we want to keep giving you the local, alternative arts coverage that you’ve come to count on, and also renew our commitment to our humble home here on campus.

We’ve expanded our news coverage, which will be broken down into City and Campus sections. Not everyone’s life revolves around the U of W, and even those who spend most of their days here do have interests off campus as well. In the City section, we want to bring you the stories that other media outlets aren’t covering: the stories about your downtown, your communities, your city. Our campus coverage will keep you up to speed about U of W events, and the achievements and controversies that affect our campus life.

As we build our news coverage, we’re looking for a few more inspired and dedicated staff who are passionate about news, and who want a chance to make their mark on a growing section of the Uniter. Check out page 16 for more about these job postings.

Since we’re still a relatively small weekly, we can’t always cover everything that we want to, or everything that readers might want to hear about. We’ve added both Arts Briefs and News Briefs to keep you in the loop with stories that didn’t get full coverage, but that we think you might like to hear about anyway.

We have a really awesome team at the Uniter this year, and I hope you enjoy getting to know us through the paper as much as we’ve enjoyed putting this issue together for you.

Published in Volume 70, Number 1 of The Uniter (September 10, 2015)

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