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One of Us guitarist sheds light on upcoming show and future of band

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Although this year has seen a major shift that impacts every part of life, one band is making it their mission to push through and maintain their goal. 

Mike Perez, guitarist for One of Us, says “we are recording right now with producer Dorian Preston, trying to make a full album together, and it has been going on for a while, (considering) everything that is going on in people’s lives and schedules, but we are still picking away at it.”

One of Us, 3 Day Binge and Chernobyl Wolves are having a concert at the Park Theatre on Sept. 12, and Perez says this is both a first step and a step up for the band.

Hardcore punk band One of Us will take the stage at a socially distanced show on Sept. 12 at the Park Theatre. // Supplied image, by Dwayne Larson

“We never played with either of those bands, but between One of Us and 3 Day Binge, we share a member,” he says. “The singer in 3 Day Binge is also a bass player and backup vocalist for One of Us.

“We are (also) the headliners for the show. Normally, we would just be an opening band and play six or seven songs and get off of the stage, but since we are headlining, we can play a little bit longer, (and) we have three or four new songs that we do not really play and we just wrote, so we will be pulling those out.”

In alignment with provincial guidelines, Perez says that the Park Theatre and the bands are taking special care to set the health standard for participants and other artists.

“It is a seated show, so everyone will have to come in and sit at their tables or designated sitting areas, and they will be served, so they do not have to go up to the bars for drinks,” he says.

“There is also limited capacity, and we encourage people to wear masks. I know there are a lot of people who have an issue with it, but we will lead by example and wear our masks to play it safe and keep everyone healthy.”

Although the band is in the process of making new music, Perez says it is no easy road, and that the effects of COVID-19 have put a damper on things. Despite everything, the guitarist remains positive and highlights their togetherness as a band.

Things “are taking a lot longer than anticipated, but we hope to get everything ready and put out there as soon as we can, and we will see what the future holds,” he says.

“We just try to write the best songs that we can, make the best recordings and see where it takes us. Though we all have day jobs and careers, we do this for fun, just seeing what comes out of it.”

Tickets can be purchased at, and participants are asked to follow COVID-19 safety procedures documented on

Published in Volume 75, Number 01 of The Uniter (September 10, 2020)

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