This four-piece from Toronto puts little stock in embellishment. Their music is straightforward indie-rock with crashing cymbals, throbbing bass and gritty guitar. Their lyrics are equally as honest, with vocalist Nyssa Rosaleen demanding “the truth about love” right through their six-track debut. While the band may not have love completely figured out, they sure as hell know it’s not the flowery stuff the other guys are singing about. Tracks like Visions of You and Love That Beats My Heart quash that romantic nonsense with every kick of the bass drum. Lines like, “I tried to make a dream come true, but now I know you are only you,” and “I’m like you and you’re like me, that’s how I know you’ll break my heart,” have this young band turning all the things we’ve been told about love upside down.

Published in Volume 65, Number 10 of The Uniter (November 4, 2010)

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