If you’re ready for a weekend of creativity at its finest, pack your tent and head to Matlock this August. This entirely not-for-profit festival takes place just 50 minutes outside of Winnipeg in St. Andrews.

Though it’s only in it’s sixth year, the festival has already made a name for itself with the eclectic variety of musicians, children’s activities, and handmade art. If there’s one thing should you do other than listen to the great artists, it’s visit the Handmade Village, where you can find a diverse selection of artisan products such as jewelry, woodwork and body products.

“We’re lucky to get a lot of musicians that you wouldn’t see at other small festivals,” Jeff Diamond, secretary of the Festival says. So although the lineup hasn’t yet been announced, you can look forward to seeing some fresh faces.

This celebration is a good choice if you want to enjoy some arty fun and also make a difference. Matlock Festival of Music, Art & Nature is the first in Canada to be recognized as a compassionate organization. So if you’re ready to feel a new connection to new people and good old nature, this is the place to be.

“We grew up organically” says Diamond. “As soon as you come, you feel like it’s your festival, and it is.”

Part of the series: The 7th Annual Summer Festival Guide

Published in Volume 69, Number 27 of The Uniter (June 3, 2015)

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