Keep on keepin’ on

Maybe we’re the only ones who are counting, but this is our seventh issue of the year – our midpoint for the fall term. On campus, it seems like people have adjusted to their new routines, and here at The Uniter we’re hitting our stride with our weekly production schedule too. 

The whole city feels like it’s settling down for the next few months as a chill creeps into the air. Most of the leaves have blown off the trees, and there are far fewer festivals in the city with every weekend that passes. 

But settling down, whether from seasonal changes or other routines, doesn’t have to mean complacency. 

We heard that you wanted more sports coverage, so we’re working on integrating this into our rotation with our own local twist. You may not read much about the Jets in these pages, but we will share stories of your local dodgeball league upping their game, as well as the shifts and changes to our Wesmen teams. 

If you’re part of an off-the-beaten-track sports team (or a group that’s kind of sports-ish), let us know. We’d love to hear about what you do to keep moving throughout the fall and winter. 

Sometimes, while it looks like things are staying the same, they’re actually in steady decline. Like our local Handi-Transit service, which – according to a complaint filed to the Manitoba Ombudsman – is becoming less and less accessible. And while the transit union, along with a Winnipeg city councillor, have argued that they need police on buses to help with fare evasion, not all Winnipeggers are convinced by this idea. 

Other local folks are taking what they know well and pushing it to the next level. Local designers William Rhys are in good company as the latest locals to launch their wares in a bustling fashion scene. Kai Chochinov broke the fourth wall and then went a step further in an experimental theatre offering called Deadly Politics, and local label Transistor 66 kept doing what they do best until they hit a landmark 100 releases. 

In this issue, we’re fine-tuning and moving forward. And hopefully, just like the communities and individuals profiled in these pages, we’re helping to make this city a little better and livelier this fall. 

– Anastasia Chipelski

Published in Volume 70, Number 7 of The Uniter (October 22, 2015)

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