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Two Winnipeg visual artists tap into their inner selves with their latest exhibitions

On the first Friday of each month, galleries in the Exchange District open their doors to the public.

Dubbed “First Fridays”, it’s a night to expose new artists, open new exhibitions and show off Winnipeg talent.

Anthony Nelson – a member of local arts initiative Synonym – premieres his show Paper, Scissors, Glue on Friday at 5 pm at Tara Davis Studio Boutique (246 McDermot).

The exhibition, which runs until the end of September, features approximately 150 small collages featuring images, symbols and artifacts from various cultures.

With Paper, Scissors, Glue, Nelson says he’s trying to catch a “momentary glimpse of the collective unconscious, where distinctions between cultures become blurred, creating a unifying pattern and an archetypal narrative.”

Nelson says he creates his collages randomly. He claims that by doing it blindly, he’s able to tap into what’s deep inside of himself.

In addition to the existing collages, the Paper, Scissors, Glue opening reception will also feature on-site collaging. Visitors are encouraged to get their hands dirty and try collaging for themselves.

Of course, First Fridays aren’t the only day for visual art appreciation. Veteran Winnipeg artist Russ Henry opens If I Could Be Anything September 5 at 7 pm at Cre8ery (2nd floor, 125 Adelaide St.).

Henry says the show – which runs until September 17 – features many pieces portraying animals in unnatural colours or shapes and notes his exhibit celebrates the idea that it’s okay to be yourself and to be different from the norm.

“The theme is really encouraging individuality,” Henry says. “I think today more than ever, we all have the opportunity to look inside ourselves and decide who we want to be.”

Henry says he admires such musicians as Johnny Cash, Neil Young and k.d. lang, artists who followed their heart and in the process “really broke ground.”

“These are people who didn’t try to become somebody but they discovered their own style, their own unique voice,” Henry says. “So instead of trying to become something, do your level best and try to become you.

“The real tragedy occurs when people don’t explore that, when they don’t look inside themselves and really discover who they want to create themselves as. That’s the concept behind If I Could Be Anything.”

Published in Volume 68, Number 1 of The Uniter (September 4, 2013)

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