How we learn

We each have our own particularities when it comes to acquiring new skills and absorbing new ideas. Some prefer to learn through action, and others dive into books to wrap their brains around the concepts first. For others, it’s a mix of both.

On the cover this week, we’re exploring some more unconventional approaches to learning, but the dialogue around how we learn inside and outside of the classroom continues throughout this issue. 

In the comments section, Megan Linton questions how out-of-class excursions can contribute to ableism. Field trips may be fun, Linton says, but do they open doors or add barriers and force students to disclose disabilities? 

In the arts and culture section, we look at when you should trust those who’ve practised and professionalized their skills to help you with your hair and when to DIY. In the campus section, a youth leadership forum brings Indigenous students together to come up with creative solutions to the racism they face. Learning, in this case, comes through lived experience and dialogue.

Every time we put an issue together, the staff of The Uniter are also constantly learning. Through the editing process, we share feedback and hold challenging discussions about everything from ethics to word choice to capitalization. We weigh the options for which photo we put on the cover (and yes, this week, we chose a wonderful little turtle).

If you’re interested in writing, editing and learning with us, we’re currently hiring for five positions which will begin in fall 2017 (with some training later this month). See for more information. And if you’re just interested in reading, we hope that you find some worthwhile education in this issue.

Published in Volume 71, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 2, 2017)

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