GHOSTKEEPER - Ghostkeeper

“I-I-I I’m gonna leave by morning” has never sounded so catchy, which makes the charm and ease of Ghostkeeper’s storytelling impressive. Lead vocalist Shane Ghostkeeper has a wispy, Xavior-Rudd-meets-Dave-Matthews, ironically-cordial approach, like, “I met a couple on the street / chit chat this that / well well well” and “Your schools / You fools / Are nothing but a babysitter.” Originally from Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement in northern Alberta, Ghostkeeper’s tracks have a subtle influence of aboriginal rhythms with a noisy, grunge blues style pop. Self-described as having a “healthy irreverence towards standard song structure,” Ghostkeeper’s drumming is definitely a standout, with an unidentifiable, deep-clanging instrument (keg/barrel?). There’s a bit of a repetitive mid-disc lull, which might have you checking for a disc scratch. Otherwise, Ghostkeeper’s efforts are complicated, impressive and cheeky.

Published in Volume 64, Number 24 of The Uniter (March 25, 2010)

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