Getting on Board

I spill a lot of ink here reviewing the benefits of volunteering for The Uniter, but there’s something that I missed. Yes, we are always welcoming new writers, photographers and illustrators, but creative contributions aren’t the only way to get involved.

The Uniter is run by the Mouseland Press and governed by a volunteer board. The board is a great place to bring visionary ideas for the future of the paper and to practice the skills needed to run a non-profit organization.

Our board members are students and community members, with a wide range of expertise. And it takes a really diverse range of skills to support the work of a paper: accounting and finance, human resources and personnel, even legal advice. If you’re looking to learn about any of these things, volunteering on a board of directors is a great place to start.

Board experience gives extra cred to a resume and is an excellent opportunity to develop managerial and leadership skills. Board members get exclusive insight into how an organization runs and participate in making key decisions in its operation. They also help set the vision for the future, which is something we’re going to be talking a lot more about in the next year.

If this interests you, email We’re open to bringing more volunteers onto the board, and I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Published in Volume 71, Number 11 of The Uniter (November 17, 2016)

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