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Cinematheque is the place for students to see what’s up in film

For students interested in film, Cinematheque is the place to go.

Not only is it within walking distance of the University of Winnipeg (U of W), it shows a variety of what is going on in the industry.

“We try to show a huge diversity of films,” says Dave Barber, programming co-ordinator at Cinematheque. “It’s one of the best places to see a wide range.”

This fall, the independent theatre is showing The Forbidden Room, which is director Guy Maddin’s new film; Tales From the Neighbourhood: CarFree: Stories From the Non-Driving Life, a documentary; and hosting a Queen sing-along, among many other films and events.

The theatre also hosts panel discussions and screenings for local groups and festivals.

In the past, it has even screened films that have come out of the U of W’s department of theatre and film.

A student price of $8 and cheap snacks make it an affordable option for students who aren’t looking to learn more about the industry, but rather to take their minds off the pile of homework waiting for them.

Published in Volume 70, Number 1 of The Uniter (September 10, 2015)

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