Federal Lights

Federal Lights’ debut LP follows up last year’s Carbon EP and its sounds are bigger, with a more fleshed-out sound and a higher profile (it’s the band’s first for Toronto indie label Aporia). Singer/guitarist Jean-Guy Roy’s raspy yet subtle howl accompanies his working class hero/guy in love lyrics perfectly, especially when blended with the competent vocals of the rest of the group (all Winnipeg music vets from Quinzy and the Attics + producer Dana “Rusty” Matyas of Imaginary Cities). The diversity is there without compromising the overall sound, from super popper “I See Love” to Walkmen-esque “This Would Be A Fine Job To Retire From” and the brooding charm of “Sharks” - it all works as one piece or radio-ready singles. Between the producer’s clear ability to flesh things out and the chemistry the band has developed since its formation, this one’s a winner. 

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