Favourite radio show or podcast

1. Couch Surfin’ 

2. Be Plus 

3. Witchpolice 


Couch Surfin’ hosts Devin Bray and Terrance Williams are no strangers to the title of Favourite Local Podcast. 

The duo won the spot in 2013 after only a handful of episodes, and came second in the 2014 poll. 

The show has become a favourite for its laid-back style and emphasis on conversations rather than interviews. 

“The people who listen to or are on the show don’t want to hear the same old questions over and over again,” Williams says. 

“If you’re a musician, the reason you got into it is generally the same as with others. ‘I liked music as a kid, yada yada yada.’ We want to talk about things related to their lives and not necessarily their craft. We don’t need someone in a hardcore band to talk for an hour about why they like hardcore. That can and will be boring.” 

It’s an approach that’s earned the podcast some great guests over the last year, including John K. Samson, Al Simmons and multiple appearances from Robert-Falcon Ouellette. 

“We’re, like, the reason Robert-Falcon got elected, so credit for that,” Bray says. “But Brian Bowman has turned us down probably three times now.” 

Those high profile guests helped make 2015’s listenership higher than ever. 

The show’s involvement in founding the Garbage Hill Podcast Network, which is a loosely organized group of Winnipeg podcasts and campus radio shows, has also got the duo gigs hosting community events like trivia nights at The Handsome Daughter and the upcoming Star Wars screenings at The Park Theatre. 

Bray says the event hosting happened organically. 

“It’s all stuff that we’re interested in, like wrestling or nerdy shit. It just kind of grew from there, holes we saw in the city,” Bray says. 

“We’ve always wanted to host a game show,” Williams says. “And now, we have.”

Published in Volume 70, Number 13 of The Uniter (December 3, 2015)

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