Favourite local place to see live music

1. The Good Will Social Club 

2. The Park Theatre 

3. The West End Cultural Centre 


Last year, The Good Will Social Club was chosen by Uniter readers as their third favourite venue to see live music. It had only been open for a month or two and had already earned a spot in the hearts of local music-goers. 

Now, after 13 months in the scene, it was voted best music venue, and (by the sounds of it) is No. 1 in the hearts of University of Winnipeg students and live music enthusiasts. 

When asked about what surprised him most over the past year, talent buyer David Schellenberg gushes: “Just how quickly people have gathered together to support and come and hang out and make this their bar – to make this their regular hang. I think that’s pretty special.” 

Although choosing a couple of shows as venue highlights is a challenge, Schellenberg lists the recent Constantines gig, Dilly Dally, and Cakes da Killa as some of his favourites. 

“The year’s been such a blur of great shows and good times,” he says. 

It’s clear to any frequent Good Will goer that the U of W and the bar have a close connection. Not just because of proximity, but because the establishment was crafted with students in mind. The busiest night since the social club’s grand opening was election night, with students coming in unexpected droves. 

“I loved that so much, that young people think about where they’re going to drink and watch the election and The Good Will’s the first place,” Schellenberg says. 

As The Good Will dances into its second year, with the official status of Uniter reader darlings, Schellenberg anticipates that they’ll continue doing what they’re already excelling at. 

“(We’ll keep) putting on really great shows and putting on really great events. We’re really happy about what we’re doing now and we want to keep it going.” 

With student-friendly priced beer, let’s raise our drinks for another great year ahead.

Published in Volume 70, Number 13 of The Uniter (December 3, 2015)

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