Favourite local boutique

1. Tiny Feast 

2. Out of the Blue 

3. Tara Davis Studio Boutique 


Tiny Feast is a stationary and gift store that focuses on carrying quality and functional products. 

In the shop, located at 217 McDermot Ave., you’ll find German fountain pens, an illustrated book of the history of brewing in Manitoba, animal shaped paper clips and more treasures for the home and office. 

“As we try to grow this little business, it’s really important for us to bring on products and staff members that represent ourselves continually, like in the way that we always have,” Tiny Feast co-owner Danika Bock says. 

They carefully choose what they will sell in their shop. Bock says she and co-owner Drex Serduletz have a genuine interest in the lines they carry and artists they work with. 

They hope that through doing this, they’ve created a shop that people can connect with. 

“Hopefully, people have been recognizing those efforts,” Bock says. 

It would appear that some have. 

On a daily basis, Tiny Feast employees are visited by regulars, Bock says. This includes people who make a point of working a visit to the shop into their Saturday plans, which Bock says feels nice. 

She says the familiarity of repeat customers and more general support from Winnipeggers has been great. 

Tiny Feast opened in November 2013 and Bock says they work very hard to keep everything going, especially now with holiday shopping starting up. 

“As much as this is our business, we don’t really do it for ourselves. It wouldn’t exist without obviously customers and familiar faces and support from the local community,” Bock says. 

Her and Serduletz were thrilled to be voted Winnipeg’s favourite boutique. 

“It’s a nice little pat on the back,” Bock says.

Published in Volume 70, Number 13 of The Uniter (December 3, 2015)

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