Favourite Local Album

Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit (Royal Canoe)

1. Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit (Royal Canoe)
2. Tie: Winter Wheat (John K. Samson) / Forgiver (Yes We Mystic)
3. Rushing River (Tin Can Bandits)


Releasing Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit has been a long journey for Royal Canoe. 

“We’re very proud of it. We’re happy with how it turned out. It took a little longer to get it out in the world than we had hoped,” Brendan Berg, bassist and synth player for the group, says. “Originally, we had envisioned it coming out as much as a year prior to when it actually came out, but such is the nature of the business.” 

However, this proved to be fortuitous for the band, as they ended up writing and recording the song for their latest music video, “Walk Out on the Water,” during the delays. 

“We were like, ‘oh, we’re kinda just at home, so let’s just keep writing and see, maybe something will fit,’” Berg says.

The group produced the record with Atlanta Producer Ben Allen, who’s worked with artists such as Animal Collective and CeeLo Green. Having come from producing hip hop, he lent a helpful perspective, Berg says. 

He says it was important to work with someone who is familiar with hip hop in order to keep them from moving away from their sound.

After the delays that beset the record and having their trailer containing all their equipment stolen, the band remains upbeat and hopeful going forward. 

“It’s amazing that Winnipeg has continued to support us after all these years and still cares about the art that we make,” keyboardist Matt Schellenberg says. “Sometimes you wonder as a band goes along whether you’re still relevant.” 

He says having Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit named favourite local album in the Uniter 30 makes him feel like they should keep playing.

The album is available on Nevado Music.

Published in Volume 71, Number 13 of The Uniter (December 1, 2016)

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