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‘Shutting the Internet down’ is not something that many artists are capable of. With the rate that we consume and forget about music in 2015, something has to either be really good, or really hyped up for people to take notice.

When rumors first started circulating that Drake and Future might be putting out a joint ‘mixtape’, all corners of the Rap Listening Internet were stoked.

Drake and Future have always made hits together, the most recent example being “Where Ya At” on Future’s album Dirty Sprite 2, where Drake was the only guest spot on the whole album. They are both having incredibly successful years, Future releasing the incredible DS2 and Drake the equally fantastic If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late - a project that was dubbed a mixtape but debuted at the top of the Billboard charts.

WATTBA also debuted at the top of the Billboard charts, because IT’S DRAKE AND FUTURE. As the album’s title indicates, the mere existence of this project lives up to the hype it builds. Both of these guys are so good at what they do that even their throwaway joints are worth listening to more than once.

Is the album better than either of their individual efforts this year? No, but would it be possible for this to exist if it wasn’t something that chanced to be banged out in six days?

The production across the project is incredible, the bulk of it finding Atlanta’s Metro Boomin providing bouncing, shining beats that are as well suited for Drake to make sports references over as they are for Future to be incredibly depressed.

“I see scales everywhere/I see hell everywhere,” he strains on “Live From the Gutter”. “Diamonds Dancing,” “Plastic Bag,” and “Jumpman are all examples of how well these two compliment each other. All three of these songs are Perk Your Head Up And Look Over At Your Friend In The Club Songs, and they all have vastly different moods.

You’re going to hear “Diamonds Dancing” in the club and get very emotional every time at least until Future drops his next mixtape. This project might be a victory lap for Future and Drake, but it’s on the way to the next race.

- Mike Skwark

Published in Volume 70, Number 6 of The Uniter (October 15, 2015)

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