Colour By Numbers

The Colour By Numbers EP

Colour By Numbers debut five-song EP is anything but by the numbers. Harmony is the Winnipeg trio's strong suit; CBN has a gift for making harmony the focal point of every song, regardless of style or genre, tying this eclectic rootsy indie pop EP together.   


The disc kicks off with “Ordinary Boy”, a foot stomper that is a much John Denver as it is Arkells.  They transition that percussive energy from the drums to the chugging guitar intro of “Tea Shades”, which then fades into the background as a lazy funk takes over. Singer/Guitarist Jared Adams chants more than he sings on this one, giving it a very Happy Mondays style groove.  

The one song that is by the numbers is the title track; it's an updated late ’80s video-friendly pop tune that manages to come off more laid back and light than cheesy.  For the straight folk of “Unsung Mexican Love Song”, keyboardist/bassist Alex Kozub pulls out the harp to give it a Dylanesque feel, though the gorgeous three-part harmony really drives the song and will have you singing along.

Published in Volume 68, Number 28 of The Uniter (July 2, 2014)

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