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U of W and U of M co-ordinate homeless study

Over 500 homeless Winnipeggers living with mental illnesses are being enlisted to aid in a nation-wide study on homelessness. Paying particular attention to the aboriginal population, the Winnipeg At Home project will use a grant of $3.75 million from the Mental Health Commission of Canada to provide the homeless with long-term housing and support. The research team includes The University of Winnipeg’s Institute of Urban Studies and the University of Manitoba’s psychiatry and community health sciences departments. Toronto, Moncton, Vancouver and Montreal also recently launched their versions of the project.

U of W receives Downtown BIZ award

Winnipeg’s Downtown BIZ presented its “Outstanding Long-term Growth and Commitment” award to The University of Winnipeg at a ceremony last week. The university was highlighted for its initiatives to transform the west side of downtown and for demonstrating “leadership, creativity and integrity” in operating a successful urban institution. “With its continued vision and expansion, the university is instrumental in creating the vibrant core all Winnipeggers want to see. We’ve honoured them with this award because of their commitment and dedication to the heart of our city,” BIZ executive director Stefano Grande said in a release.

U of M student awarded Rhodes Scholarship

Fourth-year engineering student Tyler Grant has been chosen to receive a 2010 Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University in England. Grant hopes to become a biomedical researcher and an orthopedic surgeon. Originally from Oakbank, Grant was the athlete of the year six years in a row at his junior high and high school and is a proficient classical guitarist. Winning numerous awards for his undergraduate research, presenting papers at international conferences, volunteering at food banks, playing on volleyball teams and being a teacher’s assistant have all contributed to Grant’s success. The U of M has had 93 Rhodes Scholars, more than any other university in Western Canada.

Thirty-three U of W students receive Aboriginal Award

The Business Council of Manitoba awarded its Aboriginal Award for 2009/2010 to 33 University of Winnipeg students for academic achievement. The award, which is in its ninth year, comes with a scholarship for $3,000. The council acts in partnership with the federal and provincial governments to ensure aboriginal youth take advantage of their full academic potential. Recipients come from a wide array of disciplines.

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Asper School of Business launches 2010 Manitoba Venture Challenge

Launched in 2008 to wide acclaim, the Manitoba Venture Challenge is a province-wide competition for businesses seeking outside investment or advice to launch or expand. Last year’s winners ranged from ideas on GPS tracking devices to organic food. “The Manitoba Venture Challenge is an excellent way for managers and entrepreneurs to look at their business in a new light,” said Robert Warren, I.H. Asper Executive Director for Entrepreneurship. Advice from previous competitions has been used to help businesses at all stages of development.

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Published in Volume 64, Number 14 of The Uniter (December 3, 2009)

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