Pronounced Bra-ka-da, the name of this local hip-hop duo sounds almost as choppy as the music on their album … 2 pcs of ID. You may find yourself compulsively bobbing your head to their strong beats as a modest amount of flow still nudges through to the listener. Brakada claims Winnipeg as their stomping grounds and inspiration for most of their tracks. Default Girl is a clever yet offensive rap about the 2 a.m. booty call to the girl you didn’t want to end up with. Meanwhile, Pops turns the album 180 degrees with tight rhymes and an acoustic guitar. These boys triumph in some places but fall short in others, so if you venture into the music of Brakada you may have to hit the skip button a few times.

Published in Volume 65, Number 16 of The Uniter (January 20, 2011)

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