Beverly Tender

What Have You Done to My Water?

Just in time to begin hibernating for the winter, Beverly Tender deliver another album full of brilliant and well-informed angular indie rock.

Beverly Tender is a young band from Providence, R.I. who has been releasing delightfully low-stakes music for the past few years. On their latest album, What Have You Done to My Water?, the band cements itself as an exciting feature of the always-
impressive North East scene.

With twinkling guitar melodies, pleasantly odd vocal structures and a knack for pop hooks, this album challenges current indie pop/rock tropes and manages to exist as something wholly unique.

The sounds and songs on this album will stay with you for hours after you finish listening to the brief seven songs in 25 minutes. Guitar and vocal hooks blast through the speakers at random and pleasing moments of songs with anxiety filled chanting and questioning like “Will I be like this my whole life? Will I regret this my whole life?”

While their music can be abrasive and confusing at times, it is most certainly full of tender moments. For fans of the local Winnipeg scene, check out this album if you are into bands like iansucks, Mulligrub, Cannon Bros., Veneer and Housepanther.

- Mackenzie Bigler

Published in Volume 72, Number 13 of The Uniter (January 11, 2018)

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