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Who runs the news? In the case of The Uniter, of course we’re accountable to you, our readers. But beyond that, oversight of the paper is provided by the Mouseland Press board of directors. They’re a group of working journalists, students, university staff - people from various walks of life who share a common interest and passion for independent media.

Being run by a board means that no one individual or corporation owns the paper. The Mouseland Press is independent. It’s not a branch of the University of Winnipeg or the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association, and we have editorial independence from both of these bodies. The overall direction of the paper is shaped by the managing editor and business manager, but ultimately, it’s led and guided by the board.

We’ve got a strong board at the moment, but there’s room to grow.

Our directors are volunteers, and we’re looking for a few more to join the group. It’s an excellent chance to develop leadership and decision-making skills in a supportive environment, and also to gain insight into how a newspaper works. Board experience also looks great on a resume!

We’re a non-profit organization, and the board helps the managers at The Uniter maintain the budget, and make decisions about how, when and where we use the funds we have. The board also oversees hiring and the programming of our Speakers Series, as well as other special projects. Board members can volunteer to be on committees that suit their expertise and interests.

If you’re curious about what being on a board means, or you’re interested in being part of the team that generally acts as our “boss,” email and we’ll connect you with more information.

- Anastasia Chipelski

Published in Volume 72, Number 4 of The Uniter (September 28, 2017)

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