Attica Riots - Love Sunshine & Hysteria

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Long-time fans of Attica Riots and their electrifying live set finally have something to take home. Love Sunshine & Hysteria includes songs that have been performed since the band’s early days. With expert mixing, the songs on this record sound just as exciting as their live versions.

Warning: dancing is definitely inevitable.

Every song stands strong on its own, but when one song ends, you’re going to want to let the next song play – and the next. Charismatic vocals belt out ear-catching lyrics that are easy to sing along with. Reoccurring hooks will buzz your speakers, because you’ll keep turning up the volume.

A few tracks reach out and touch your heart, such as “Take You Away.” Others like “Take Some Leave Some” invoke tears of joy. A well-rounded record like this is suitable for any mood.

Not only is this record immensely fun, but it is also extremely musical. Recording these songs allowed for extra components that wouldn’t be possible in a live performance. Unique synth sounds and guitar riffs sparkle through heavy lead guitars from time to time, catching close listeners by surprise.

In addition to music, Attica Riots provides a whole experience. The passion they pour into their music shines out and calls forth passion from their listeners. Love Sunshine & Hysteria is one of the most enjoyable records of the first few months of 2018.

- Ryan Haughey

Published in Volume 72, Number 20 of The Uniter (March 8, 2018)

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