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The Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts (MCMA) is running a fundraiser through Fundscrip that even the short on cash can get involved in. The MCMA is selling gift cards to stores such as Starbucks, Superstore and Esso at face value. Buyers don’t lose any money and the Music Equals Outreach Programs receives money to provide children living in poverty with music lessons. More details at 


Window art 

Window Winnipeg presents its 19th installation in Winnipeg’s only 24 hour artist run space. The project places artwork in a window of Artspace on the corner of Bannatyne Avenue and Arthur Street at street level. Doug Melnyk’s text-based work, Just Hold Me will be in the window until Dec. 31. It features words from the poem Naked Croquet. 


Winnipeg colouring book 

The Winnipeg Architecture Foundation has released a colouring book. The 32 page book features drawings of buildings found around Winnipeg, including Thunderbird House, the Manitoba Legislative Building and the Confederation Life Building. The images were created by Winnipeg artists Robyn Shesterniak and Carl Shura. The $20 book is available at the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation at 266 McDermot Ave. 


Tenth birthday 

The Millennium Library has been open for 10 years and the Winnipeg Public Library is celebrating the anniversary with a series of events, including the Maker Faire on Nov. 7 from 1 to 4 p.m. At this event, there will be Creation Stations where people can create, experiment and collaborate. There will be a 3D printer and open-source electronics platform Aduino. 


MTS uses local talent 

MTS released a TV commercial featuring a cover of Cole Porter’s “Don’t Fence Me In” by The Bros. Landreth. The cover was recorded for this commercial, which features MTS animated spokesperson Morty. The partnership was an attempt on MTS’ part to support local Manitoban artists. While the band’s music is on TV here in Manitoba, they’re currently out of the province on tour. 


Interactive dance show 

NAfro Dance’s artistic director Casimiro Nhussi’s latest full-length dance is being performed at the Gas Station Arts Centre Nov. 6 and 7. The Apes brings the audience into the play by offering 200 hand drums for them to play throughout the show. They will also be asked to stomp, clap and make vocal sounds. Tickets are $20 for students.

Published in Volume 70, Number 9 of The Uniter (November 5, 2015)

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