A very new year

The beginning of a new school year is often an opportunity to reflect on change. When thinking back on where we were at the same time last year, it’s easy to pinpoint the changes we’ve undergone over the past 365 days and to speculate on what changes are to come.

But boy oh boy, we have been through some changes, folks!

The 2020-21 year is off to a start unlike any other in the history of the University of Winnipeg, The Uniter and nearly everyone on the planet. Remote learning, remote meetings, virtual Roll Call, virtual newspapers. The university experience, all from the comfort of your home! Just don’t go outside. There’s a pandemic.

But it’s also been a summer of radical social change. People have taken to the streets across the globe, including in Winnipeg, to protest anti-Black racism and police brutality. The effects of that change are being felt here at the virtual U of W, where all but one of this year’s elected UWSA representatives have resigned following a racism scandal of their own. Expect more reporting on that situation in the year to come.

As local COVID cases rise, and the number of elected student representatives decline, The Uniter is here to keep you informed of all the news on campus and in the downtown community. Stay safe!

Published in Volume 75, Number 01 of The Uniter (September 10, 2020)

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