4th Curtis -  I Won the Pageant


4th Curtis has created a wonderfully clever and theatrical indie pop album with their 2017 debut full-length, I Won The Pageant.

4th Curtis, whose members are based in the Twin Cities, are not afraid to shout their feelings out into the world with 10 songs that cover love, heartbreak, disabilities, queer identity and mental illness.

The band is sharp and witty while treating the listener to some delicious anthemic pop, led by Lex Noes on guitar and lead vocals with lyrics like “I amputated off my right-hand man, I’m all he had. I hope he understands” and “Nobody noticed how much the glitter meant to me. Nobody noticed 'til I set all the greyhounds free.”

The other members of 4th Curtis, Ty Gale (piano/vocals) and Maddie Morley (drums/vocals) contribute to the powerful vocal diversity on I Won The Pageant with some awesomely placed retro harmonies on lines like “night that I died” and “high the whole time” on standout track, “Chicken.”

This collection of songs evokes feelings of hope, self-discovery and glitter. With this being 4th Curtis’ debut album, this reviewer can’t wait to hear more from the young band and hopes that they will make their way up to Winnipeg sometime soon.

- Helen Williams

Published in Volume 72, Number 15 of The Uniter (January 25, 2018)

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