• Let them love

    PDA is A-OK!

  • Many loves

    Etching out guidelines for polyamory

  • Exploring experience

    Four panelists discuss consent for all

  • Let’s talk about sex

    On Sept. 17, Winnipeggers got together to talk about sex. 

  • The 7th Annual Summer Festival Guide

    36 Manitoba fests and the advice you need to make it through.

  • The Urban Issue 2015

    Winnipeg is _______.

  • Winnipeg Is: Sex Work

    Prostitute. Sex worker. Victim. Whore. Sexually exploited woman. A woman who sells sex has probably been described vivaciously as many, if not all, of these terms at some point in time. She is named by others occasionally with accuracy but often with a deluded discourse that crumbles upon closer examination.

  • Watch what you watch

    Pornography has been around forever. But in an era where XXX material is one keyboard misstep away in a Google search bar, we have to ask ourselves if this naughty underbelly of the Internet is affecting us as humans.

  • Girls to the Front

    Winnipeg’s music scene can be a straight, white, able-bodied boys’ club, but some people have been working over the last few months to try and change that stereotype.

  • Stock up on love in aisle three

    When Lukas Frank created a simple Facebook event, he did it on a whim. Little did he suspect that it might lead to love for many a Winnipegger.

  • Well, That’s Garbage

    How much sex should you be having?

  • It takes two to Scissr

    Anyone who says dating is easy and stress-free is lying to you. If it was a walk in the park, most dating and hookup apps wouldn’t exist.

  • The New Sexy Geeks

    A few weeks ago, a group of self-identified geeks met up at a bar to talk about sex. Sounds like any old Wednesday night, you might say, but this was the beginning of a new movement in town. This was Winnipeg’s first Sex Geekdom Meetup.

  • Current prostitution laws aren’t sexy

    It seems some governments are beginning to understand that legalization or the lack thereof has little to do with how people actually behave. Prohibition in 1920s United States is a common example of how outlawing something often fails as a deterrent (the outlawing of alcohol resulted in bootlegging and underground drinking clubs), but often causes people to do that activity more often and under more dangerous circumstances.

  • Feminism and a Falafel - Mandy Fraser

    Brittany sits down with Mandy from Klinic to talk about rape culture in Winnipeg.

  • Sharing the love

    At this point, most are somewhat aware of the tenets of polyamory. Monogamy is restrictive, if not a totally bunk relic of Judeo-Christian metaphysics. Why can one become emotionally intimate with new people, but not physically? Why bother drawing such lines? As long as consent and honesty ground everything, anything goes. The logic seems sound.

  • Sex ed & you

    Schools are often a hotbed of hormonal stress, daunting career worries and the odd (or often, no judgment) bout of socializing. Amidst all of this it is easy to pass over some of the most critical information being taught in the education system.

  • Syphilis outbreak not expected to slow down

    Local health authorities are continuing the fight to control the syphilis outbreak in Winnipeg.

  • How To… Get Checked at an STI Clinic

    Carson Mauthe shows us just how incredibly easy and important it is to get tested for STIs by using his camera man, Marc, as a guinea pig.

  • Coming down on sex work

    Last December, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that sections of the criminal code legislating prostitution violated the charter rights of sex workers.

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