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  • Wax on, wax off

    Dr. Evil isn’t the only man to prefer a slippery, smooth sack. Dudes everywhere are removing their unwanted body hair, so much so that they created a word for it: manscaping.

  • Valentine’s Day zombies

    Yes, Valentine’s Day can be more horrifying than the Jets losing a home game, but can it be compared to the mutation that the human body theoretically undergoes from human to the undead?

  • Take a walk on the wild side, lovers

    Quit stressing yourself with those phone calls to guarantee a dinner reservation on Valentine’s Day. And while puffy pink bouquets are impressive at first sight, you’ll be sad to learn flowers eventually wither and die.

  • Take Flight takes off

    Roll up! Roll up! Take Flight, a new cirque-style aerial acrobatics group, has just started in Winnipeg.

  • Hips don’t lie

    It’s mid-January - that precarious time of year when the novelty of New Year’s resolutions to get fit are starting to wear off… or have already dissipated.

  • Hockey’s back?

    The NHL drops the puck this Saturday, Jan. 19, kicking off a 48-game regular season schedule, a season shortened by the 113-day lockout of the league’s players by its owners.

  • How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

    Every Jan. 1, people make a pledge.

  • Get up out of your chair

    If you want to make 2013 your healthiest year ever, A.J. Jacobs has some advice for you: Stop sitting.

  • Distracted by nurture or nature?

    “That’s just my ADHD.”

  • Knitting is the new black

    There’s a war going on right now.

  • U of W boot camp works whole body with just one weight

    One-armed swings, goblet squats and the over-head press are just some of the exercises that combine cardiovascular movement, strength building and flexibility using just one kettlebell.

  • Stripping and tugging the hair away

    A couple weeks ago, over drinks with The Uniter’s culture editor, Dunja Kovacevic, I sarcastically suggested it would be great to have hair torn from my pubic region with sticky, warm gel so I could write about it.

  • Newly opened St. Boniface café is a hub of activity

    Growing pains might be to blame for the grim reality of the past few months in this city. In between the domino effect of business closures in the West End, and the media landscape quietly imploding, many of us have been feeling the pangs of adolescence right along with our city.

  • Sweet moves at the Duckworth Centre

    You have probably marveled at the dance/fight acrobatics of capoeira before, either as featured in ‘90s rebel-high school-redemption flick Only the Strong and Vincent Cassel’s brilliant laser evasion scene in Ocean’s Twelve or, most likely, at the most bedazzling annual cultural performance in Winnipeg each year, the Brazilian Folklorama pavilion.

  • My never-ending quest for Zen

    A little over three years ago, I embarked on a quest of epic proportions. After years of floating through life with no real aim or purpose, I had to make a change.

  • Such great heights

    The inability to lift your own body weight is embarrassing, even crushingly so, without an audience. You can imagine then, my reaction to the suggestion of trying out an aerial fabrics class during Culture Days.

  • Black and blue and Grey all over

    Whether Fifty Shades of Grey makes you sigh in ecstasy or bemoan the death of good taste is really irrelevant.

  • DIY: Stress-free stencils

    They say that if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

  • The grand tale

    Stigma plagues fantasy fiction like a dwarven mine overrun with goblins. Naysayers denounce the genre as escapist, adolescent and unbelievable. However, there is much reason to think otherwise.

  • Bringing a new look to Winnipeg

    HutK sits at the corner of Princess Street, tucked neatly between the historic red-brick buildings of the Exchange District.

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