Pop Culture

  • An (incomplete) queer history: Winnipeg drag

    While RuPaul’s Drag Race sits at the forefront of drag representation in popular culture, there’s much more to the art form than simply female impersonation. Behind every drag performer, there are local histories spanning many decades.

  • Fads build connection

    Dr. Fabrizio Di Muro, an associate professor at the University of Winnipeg weighs in on the way that fads among social connectedness among product users.

  • Front facing

    A look at selfies from every angle

  • Fun and games

    Locals toss their pope hats into the ring

  • Fitting in with the furries

    Wild Prairie Fur flaunts its welcoming community at Horror Con

  • Cat video reviews

    The best and the worst of YouTube’s cat videos

  • My bloody Valentine

    Go for a scream this Valentine’s Day at convention


    Ah, the festival season, it creeps upon us again. As we drain our bank accounts preparing for our excursions, remember that good experiences come with good preparation.


    Summer is here and so is camping! I love camping so I was shocked that, while planning a weekend trip to Falcon Lake with some friends, only my boyfriend and I wanted to camp. Everyone else wanted to stay in a motel.

  • The 7th Annual Summer Festival Guide

    36 Manitoba fests and the advice you need to make it through.

  • Streeter

    Rumour has it that a UFO crashed outside of Jackhead Reserve on Lake Winnipeg. Do you believe in aliens?

  • Gamification

    Have you ever wondered, “what if life were more like a video game?"

  • On the Top Rope

    There’s a boom happening in Winnipeg right now. It’s a local scene experiencing the type of renaissance that one rarely sees in action. There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it, because it receives virtually no coverage from the local press. 

  • The Uniter Top 10 Lists

    The Uniter staff members compile their year-end top-ten lists. 

  • Showing us who’s boss

    Long-suffering employees of the world, unite. Your spokespeople - Charlie Day, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis - are back on the big screen.

  • A litre of comedy

    The bantering of Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme is exactly as hilarious as you’d think it would be.

  • Coffee, garbage & female empowerment

    Documentaries offering fresh insights into today’s most current and urgent issues will be screening at the 12th Annual Global Justice Film Festival. The event, run and organized entirely by volunteers, spans one evening and a full day at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Playing by their own rules

    In anticipation of the Central Canada Comic Con (C4), happening Oct. 31-Nov. 2 at the RBC Convention Centre, Photo Editor Tina Jansen went behind the scenes with a few local cosplay kids to document the process of putting together their pieces.

  • Moventum

    Like whiskers to handlebars, Movember has grown quite a bit in recent years, not only in popularity, but also in scope and success.

  • That gum you like is coming back in style

    Spin-offs, prequels and continuations of popular TV shows are hit and miss. Sometimes you get The Jeffersons, Family Matters and Frasier, while other times you get The Ropers, 90210 and The Golden Palace. With half a season of an unwatchable Boy Meets World continuation, this week’s news of a Twin Peaks continuation, a so-bad-it’s-bad Batman prequel (Gotham) and Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul set to disappoint next year, we thought we’d throw a few ideas at the flat screen to see what sticks.

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